#Reverb11: Recapture the Magic

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December 2. Magical: The holidays can be a stressful time of the year. What do you do to help you recapture and remember that childlike wonder of the season you might have forgotten?

It’s really easy to succumb to the pressures and the have-tos of the holidays, huh? Which makes it a great time to do a gut check and focus on what’s really important to you.

The Kid and I had a lovely long week in the Midwest for Thanksgiving. There was a lot of driving and people to see, which can make me feel crispy around the edges and negate the good feelings you’re suppose to have at the holidays. I had ideas of what I wanted to do (crank out blog posts, read the stack of magazines I haven’t read yet, go out to bars and stay out til 2a.m., see a movie in a real movie theater) and then there was reality. I could have tried to do all that and felt hurried, rushed, and unrelaxed.

Instead I unplugged, literally, and tried to be present with the people I drove hundreds of miles to see. I love hearing about family stories. Sometimes the only ways you get to hear them, though, is if you ask and if you listen. FGM (my fairy godmother) and her mom were really great to share old recipes and stories about my ancestors, a generation of people I never got to know. I got to learn and play a card game called “Dum Dum” that my great-great-aunt’s generation played and someone picked up on a trip to Oklahoma in the 1930s. Now, I do not like card games or board games. At least I think I don’t. Yet there we were, slamming down cards and hollering out “Dum Dum!” and I was having a blast. I’m so happy that I was open to the moment at hand.

Another great moment: my great Aunt Mary (FGM’s mom) brought homemade canned veggies for Thanksgiving dinner. She said I should come out and learn to can sometime with her (OK!). She said that she has not bought canned veggies since 1956, when she and her hubby moved into their quaint little home in Nebraska City, Nebraska, where they grow scores of veggies in a plot of land next to the house. Can you imagine? Not buying veggies from the grocery store for more than 50 years? Amazing. Meanwhile, The Kid was pretty pumped to see there were green beans on the Thanksgiving menu, apparently this is a new food she loves. She cooed at dinner that “These were the best green beans ever” and had two helpings. Best green beans ever indeed.

As the holidays race down upon us, whew! can you believe December is here?, I hope I can continue to be open to the moments instead of forcing my idea of what’s supposed to happen, happen.


What about you, how do you recapture the magic of the holiday season?

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5 thoughts on “#Reverb11: Recapture the Magic

  1. Roxanne says:

    Lovely holiday traditions! The holidays can indeed be tricky for mindfulness, so I appreciate your call to recapture the magic. Where I am does not traditionally feel like Christmas, but holiday music always injects some magic into everything!

  2. Annie says:

    I’d love to learn to can, but it just seems like so much work!

  3. Kim says:

    Thanks for your Day 2 Reverb, I used it for my Day Three, cheers!

  4. admin says:

    holiday music is a terrific way to recapture that magic. the words, the melodies … thanks for sharing!

  5. admin says:

    great minds think alike! Will have to check it out.

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