March 5k results posted today! Finally!

Fish Fry 5k in Omaha, Nebraska
March 31, 2012
Official time: 29:24
Overall: 76
Number of Finishers: 152
Number of Females: 96
Number of Males: 56
Average Time: 30:48

Confession: I wasn’t sure how this race was going to turn out. I had returned from my trip to Boston the week before with a nasty head and chest cold. The kind that Dayquil doesn’t even make a dent in. I know myself well enough that I would need antibiotics to kick this. My doctor however told me that I would need to have symptoms for up to 10 days before she would prescribe me anything. Dear lord. That was the Thursday I needed to hit the road to Omaha for the 5k on Friday.

However, apparently antibiotics can, uh, cause problems during running. Who knew? And here I was worried about fish and beer. I was hurting before the race and definitely after in bed with stomach pain the rest of the night. Not fun.


However, despite the TMI, the cool thing about this event was that not only did I run with my cousin Kristie who kicked my ass at the event, our uncle John (who is big brother to both our mothers) and his beautiful + lovely wife Stephanie showed up to cheer us on. Wow!



The race route began at Rick’s on the Riverfront (the riverfront landing was heavily flooded last summer), over a pedestrian bridge into Iowa (where the sidewalk marks a line between the state lines like so) and then at some point looped back to the start line. My only hope was to beat the last 5k time, but secretly I also hoped to beat 30-minute mark. I kept repeating Heather’s (of Dietician on the Run) mantra of “BELIEVE” I wished I had written it on my hand with a Sharpie, just like she does next to her goal time. But when a moment began to suck, I just whispered/said/screamed it in my head.

The skies turned omnimous right as the race began, with wind and some sparse rain. Confession: I am TERRIFIED of lightning and kept my eyes on the skies for flickering death. The pedestrian bridge was deceptively steep, like, forever (I DIE) but then I roared down the other side into Iowa. I really need to work on my pace and gait. I can’t make up my mind about how fast I need/want to go and I feel like I burn through my energy reserves inefficiently. Must work this out.

Then it was over. Thank goodness. And then the rain really came down. We went inside Rick’s on Riverfront where we noticed some tension from both waitstaff and event organizers. Yikes. There were long lines for the fish, chips and beers upstairs in a room that was too small for all the race participants to sit in, but then when we and others tried to sit in the bar, our server gave us guff about taking up tables in her section, ie not making her any money. I felt for both sides, but honestly at that point I had run a race, was wet and cold with sweat and rain, with an explosive gut. NOT MY PROBLEM.


Would I do this event again? Probably not. The cost ($36), the distance, the payoff, the week between the event and results posted … but I did love the view. However, if anything this race brought me to the conclusion I need to buy a Garmin because 1. I am not sure how they measured everyone’s time since they did not use timing chips so I am wondering if my time include the time it took me to get to the start line itself or what 2. my RunKeeper app did not shut off when I meant it to while I crossed the finish line and didn’t notice it until we were already inside. By that point, it read 35 minutes and counting.

But today I have proof I reached another goal and now I have another one in place. Stay tuned. I’ve already signed up for my April 5k and it’s at one of my favorite places to run locally: Mud Hen 5k at Lake McIntosh in Longmont, Colorado

So runners, do you use a Garmin? Should I?

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3 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Carrie says:


    I have a Garmin 305. Truthfully I almost never use the heart rate monitor, but I really like it for tracking distance/speed. I’ve had it for 4-5 years and it seems to still be going strong. It’s HUGE though. It took me awhile to get used to wearing it. Before I had a Garmin I’d map out a route on mapmyrun or something like that, but then you have to stick to that premeasured route and can’t really deviate.

    Most of the time I love my Garmin. The only downside is that you become pretty focused on pace/time. Personally I’m a data nerd so I love this aspect. Some people don’t and just want to RUN without worrying about all of the numbers.

    Okay this turned into a novel. Hope it was at least somewhat helpful. :)

  2. Congrats on the PR! :) Small races can be tough; the organization isn’t always top-notch, but sometimes it’s nice to have the space to run freely vs. with the crowds.

    The Garmin is a huge asset to my routine, and will teach you a lot about pacing & distances. I can’t imagine not having it, now, but sometimes I really enjoy the runs where I leave it at home and just use a stop-watch for some sense of time. It depends on why you would want to use it, and whether you’re ready to invest in the gadget (those thangs aren’t cheap!).

  3. Vic says:

    If you have a smartphone you can use the Motion X GPS app .99 on the app store:

    It has many useful features such as:
    - Saving tracks (including all the correlated data such as elevation profiles, pace etc.
    - Audible alerts (can turn on/off): have it tell you your time, pace at intervals or count off miles/km
    - Links to your phone’s music library

    I recommend it for iPhone 3GS or higher. I especially recommend it with a bluetooth headset such as the Motorola S-10 HD In total, you’re under $50 for both and I think this is a pretty good setup.

    I have heard many people talk about RunKeeper and I have to say, I’ve had the same thing happen with Motion X GPS for the first mile of the Bolder Boulder in 2010 (when I realized it didn’t alert me at the marker). Overall I’ve been happy with using the smartphone apps though.

    I do see the Garmins come up on deals from time to time. If I hear of anything I can let you know if you want. Have a great week Mel!


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