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I Did This To Myself



Confession: I’ve neglected my blog. I hate that.

A pet peeve of mine is a neglected blog, but I guess if you blog long enough (let’s see … almost two years now right a-heya) it’s bound to happen. You know, all that stuff “offline,” another pet peeve who makes this shiz up anyways? which I suppose is understandable.

I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to:

- I enrolled in a college class. Which means I have homework. My last college course was in Spring 2003. Do you know you read and do and turn homework in online now?!

- I’m reading the Hunger Games. I’m about to start book three in the series. Have you read it?

- I got my wisdom teeth out. There was a blizzard, some bleeding, and a really funny oral surgeon who let me talk smack about how “I’m kind of an important person, so don’t mess this up because I have stuff to do and people are counting on me” schpiehl before he knocked me out with drugs. I think he was smiling. Great guy.  

- I signed up for a half marathon in May. I’ve been dedicated to my running schedule. But the real deal begins this week. Yikes.

- And then there’s the rest of working fulltime + single parenting + exhusband issues + familydrama the likes of Law & Order + dating + homeownership thrown on top.

(But who isn’t?)
At least life is not boring.
And there are glimmers of hope.

How do you find peace amid the chaos? 
Thankfully, I have great friends. I’d also like to try yoga.  

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